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    Develops Plans for NewRevenue Source from Operations

    Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 8:04 AM WIB Last Updated 2020-07-15T15:04:00Z
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    masukkan script iklan disini
    Develops Plans for NewRevenue Source from Operations

    OutCloud Systems, Inc. which has developed an operational delivery program for large multimedia files has developed a unique design to monetize its business model to allow to derive profits from its free and basic subscribers. This method to monetize this subscriber base is due to the program’s delivery platform and presentation structure.

    One of the fundamental keys to the success of the OutCloud Systems program has resulted from our ability to identify the two main areas where the top leading file sharing services currently available in today’s market are severely lacking which is of course “DELIVERY and PRESENTATION.” We believe that is why these giants in the file sharing industry continue to operate at a loss despite having multi-billion dollar valuations. 

    Dropbox for example currently has over 500 million registered users.  96% of those registered users do not pay a single dime for the services received and 75% of their business comes from outside of the USA.  
    In 2014 Dropbox was valuated at $10 Billion USD despite the fact the company has never made a profit and has publically admitted it may never become profitable as a business. We believe that is because they have failed to properly monetize their system.  Because the OutCloud Systems program specializes in the overall presentation and personalization of the files being shared in addition to the instantaneous streaming delivery of such presentations we have found a way to offer a free version of our program while offsetting the operational costs required to sustain these free users accounts.We believe that we can accomplish this through the sale of advertisement space which is currently used as a custom branding features on our premium accounts.  
    Whereas premium account users offered through OutCloud Systemswill be able to select their own custom banners, logos and other branding features the free version of our program will have these available places utilized by approved advertisements.


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