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    Top Effective Tips on How To Get Rid of Frequent Urination

    Monday, July 13, 2020, 10:40 PM WIB Last Updated 2020-07-14T05:40:39Z
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    Top Effective Tips on How To Get Rid of Frequent Urination

    A – General Information
    You know what’s annoying? Along with acne, rash, itchiness, the most annoying and irritating one is probably frequent urination. Normally, people will need to go to pee pee 3-5 times a day, which would help out body to detox and to drive out all the toxins within organs. However, urinate too much is not good at all, which can turn out to be annoying and considered as an health issue. This condition, (peeing too much from 4 to 8 times per day) is known as Frequent urination.
    Once frequent urination happens, you can hardly control and just let it be. This is mostly caused by the losing control bladder, in another way, it is known as overactive bladder. There are quite many reasons leading to uncontrollable bladder (frequent urination) or we can say that it is the consequences of so many diseases such as anxiety, pregnant, kidney infection, bladder cancer and even stress and depression.  Another reason that we can easily figure out is due to drinking too much fluid. Normally, 2 liters a day is good, however, more than that amount of water will make your bladder works without control, which is the time when frequent urination happens.
    This health issue can happen to anyone of any age and sometimes, it come along with quite a lot of typical symptoms such as fever, pain when urinating and dark brown urine. If you ever notice these signs, it is high time that you take actions to end this.
    B – How to get rid of urination
    As serious as it is, urination need to be cured right away when you notice, otherwise, it will cause other symptoms. You are recommended to visit doctor in the first place, however, not everybody have enough condition to visit doctors (include time and money). Therefore, there will be other ways and the most simple and common one is to go for natural home remedies. Many people have been trying those natural ways that give out effective and promising result.
    Following are best natural home remedies you can try at home, with very ingredients from your kitchen.
    1. Baking Soda
    Hands down for one of the most magical and popular ingredient that has been considered as natural home remedies for so many health issues and frequent urination is not the exception. There are high concentration of anti-inflammatory and anti bacteria in baking powder that helps to clean and detox your bladder. This is not to mention that this powder has alkaline nature to neutralizing as well as alleviating acidity within your urine. Therefore, baking powder will helps to sooth the pain as well as to relieve the discomfort. The way of making use of baking soda is quite simple.
    Here is how to:
    • In a cup, dissolve certain amount of baking powder with warm water.
    • Stir them well and you can add abit of lemon juice into the mixture to enhance the taste.
    • Drink the solution every day on regular basis.
    • You can replace this baking solution with pure water to drink as well.
    2. Parsley Water
    Another wonderful ingredient that you can find right within your kitchen in order treat this health issue. There are high amount of anti-inflammatories and anti-bacteria in this wonderful herbal that Also, this ingredient is so good at cool down organs inside your body, do neutralize digestive system. These are all important things to help prevent frequent urination effectively.
    How to get rid of Frequent Urination making use of Parsley:
    • To choose and wash handful of parsley in your kitchen.
    • Boil them in 20 minutes to get the solution.
    • Strain them and then cool down the solution.
    • You can drink after that or leave it in the fridge to cool down before using.
    • Tip to enhance the taste: You can add a bit of sugar to the solution and drink throughout the day.
    The advice is to drink the juice every day until Frequent Urination is treated completely.
    3. Yogurt
    Yogurt is made used of as natural home remedies for Frequent Urination can come as a surprise. However, it is actually good for this health issue. The reason is that yogurt itself is packed with high concentration of beneficial bacteria namely Lactobacillus acidophilus. These are wonderful ingredient that help to prevent harmful bacteria causing infection while you urinating. Even when you are not having this Frequent Urination issue, yogurt is super good for your digestive system as well as your skin. You can drink on 1 or 2 bowls of plain yogurt every day. Remember, good one for your health issue is plain yogurt, which contains no sugar.r.
    To make the best of it, you should consume yogurt with fruits that are beneficial for urination such as amla, pomegranate and so forth.

    4. Fiber Rich food
    Normally people would think fiber rich food is beneficial for those who having trouble with digestive system, finding it super difficult to go to the toilet or they would say constipation. However, they are good for their bladder too as they can detox all the toxin. Another reason you should consume more fiber rich food is that they also have high concentration of magnesium and calcium that work wonders to strengthen overall health as well as remove all harmful bacteria.
    There are decent amount of fiber-rich food you can find around your house or anywhere: brown rice, barley, sweet potato (this is one of the most wonderful source of fiber without carb you can find). Moreover, bananas and potatoes is also a good choice.

    Along with applying those natural home remedies on how to get rid of Frequent Urination. It is quite important that you visit doctors if you cannot find any progress with Frequent Urination. To this point, you better off go for consultation and medication direction. Do not leave this Frequent Urination last for too long, otherwise, it will affect your bladder health as well as overall health.


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