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    Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 1:38 AM WIB Last Updated 2020-08-04T08:38:33Z
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    The new year is just around the corner - so even the thoughts of good resolutions are not long in coming. So that you can actually implement them in 2020, I have put together a few ideas for making your trips even more exciting and exciting!

    The new year is just around the corner, thoughts are creeping up that will reflect on 2019 - the best time to think of a few good resolutions for the new year . Sport and healthy eating are back there. Why not knit a few resolutions that benefit our passion? 08/15 Travel is now a thing of the past, rather it should be one in the new year: adventurous, exciting and unforgettable!

    Travel resolutions for the new year

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    Road trips  | Environmentally conscious
    Survey - what is particularly important to you?

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    Resolution # 1 - Adieu, bad habits!

    Reserve the lounger with the towel at 7 a.m., use the elasticity of the white tennis socks, always carry your breast bag around with you and don't dare take a step without the good old sandals - all of that is yesterday.
    Typical German!
    Do you want to put off more bad habits? Take a look at my article on the subject!
    Get rid of typical German tourist behavior , delete the holiday destination you visit each year from the list and discover the world. Take a long-distance trip to an unknown country, discover exciting European tips and let yourself be surprised by new countries and places. Visit local restaurants and leave the sausage on the left, sipping a fresh coconut with relish, while the carbon dioxide in the cola has already said goodbye in the warm temperatures. The world is open to you!Travel and discover what was previously hidden from you and lose your heart to various places. Whether flat-rate or individual is irrelevant at first. The main thing is that you visit new goals next year, grow beyond yourself and be curious and open-minded.
    Traveler discovers the world

    But you can also discover something new on the doorstep Open your eyes to things that were previously hidden behind your familiar surroundings and discover the diversity that Germany has to offer. In my DeutschlandLiebe section  you will always get inspiration for wonderful places, landscapes and events that are by no means less impressive than travel destinations in the distance. Experience natural spectacles like Saxon Switzerland , discover fairytale palaces and castles and architectural highlights in the many cities - there is so much in our homeland that you have never seen before!

    Resolution # 2 - backpack up and away!

    Why should you always travel with a suitcase and full gear? Just so that after landing you can push everyone out of the way to be the first on the baggage carousel, stare impatiently at the suitcase shaft and then hyperventilate because your own suitcase comes last again?
    Is it difficult to pack properly?
    Have a look at my articles on packing suitcases &  traveling with hand luggage . With these tips it will definitely work.
    Just leave your tenth pants, clothes for all weather and all the unnecessary odds and ends at home and travel with hand luggage ! Buckle your backpack on your back, fasten the lap belt and march into the wide world. In addition to your habits, just leave unnecessary ballast at home and come home with new experiences and perhaps with one or the other favorite part - shopping in foreign places is usually wonderful.
    A backpacker couple is on the Banana Pancake Trail

    Resolution # 3 - breathe the air of the locals

    When you check in at the hotel, you usually get an insight into a world that doesn't really exist. Where's the attraction of sleeping in beds where hundreds of people have already spent the night? Or to help yourself at a breakfast buffet where everything tastes as good as in your own home country? It is much more exciting to get an actual look at the life of the locals . Staying in private apartments, discovering the living style of other nations, traditionally brewing your own coffee and feeling as if you had arrived at your destination completelySo next year calmly do without the concrete blocks, which adorn themselves with countless stars, and take a deep breath from reality. You will be surprised what you can find on Airbnb for brilliant accommodations! There are also particularly  unusual accommodations  or those where  you can spend your  vacation on the houseboat . Another tip: If you don't book the entire accommodation but only a private room, you often have the opportunity to get to know exciting characters and the cultures behind them. And no travel guide can keep up with the tips of the locals !
    One of the most beautiful Airbnbs in Thailand

    Resolution # 4 - see more on a road trip

    Who says vacation has to take place in one place? If you think about it exactly, it is actually wasted time to look at a foreign country from only one side.
    Road trip ideas
    • Florida tour
    • Croatia tour
    • Portugal tour
    • Eastern Canada tour
    So get on your way and explore your holiday destination right down to the last corner! Stroll through small streets and always keep your eyes open for hidden treasures . Spread the map in front of you on the table, draw a route as you like and the exciting road trip can start! Imagine driving on the highway and blowing your hair in the wind - the horizon in front of you, the shining sun above you. The environment in the convertible seems to be limitless. So why not savor this freedom? Grab a rental car and design your trip according to your mood, completely individually and adventurously!
    Friends stand together at the car at sunset

    Resolution # 5 - Travel Environmentally

    If you are a true globetrotter, you care not only about your own well-being, but also that of the environment ! The earth, which invites us to travel every day with its incredible places, does not expect so much in return.
    more on the subject
    Learn everything about sustainable tourism from me and book the right offer!
    There are many little things that you can easily pay attention to during the adventurous journeys, which are now officially on the bucket list for 2020, and do not have to go back! On the contrary: The tips and tricks of Green Traveling make your trips a little more individual and exciting. For example, live in environmentally friendly accommodations, share the things you no longer need with locals, or explore the area on horseback or simply by bike.
    Environmentally conscious travel thanks to sustainable accommodation

    Poll - how do you plan to travel in 2020?

    My five resolutions are certainly not the only ones that you should set for 2020 and actually obey if you want to experience an exciting year. Which of the above resolutions are most important to you personally? Or do you have other resolutions that you take with you on your travels? Vote and leave me your comments!

    2020 is waiting for great trips

    Why always make New Year's resolutions that you can't keep anyway? If you like to travel, then simply set different destinations - starting with new, previously unexplored destinations, through various types of comfort, to individual travel arrangements. You will be amazed at how much fun it is not only to discover new things, but above all to try new things ! No matter what you choose, I will help you with your planning - online and in my holiday guru stores- to the side! And if you are still undecided, you should simply keep an eye on my offers or be inspired by my articles and my travel calendar. The main thing is that you live in 2020 to receive the world with open eyes and arms!


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