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    Monday, August 3, 2020, 3:39 PM WIB Last Updated 2020-08-04T08:21:02Z
    masukkan script iklan disini
    masukkan script iklan disini

    Every new place and every experience leaves a small trace on our soul. I can answer why traveling makes you happy and why there is nothing better than looking at the sun from a different perspective and breathing the air of other continents.

    As unique as each of us is, so are our reasons for packing a suitcase or backpack. Traveling makes you happy. In many ways. No matter where you go, how many days you mark in the calendar with "Vacation", whether you get on a boat, on an airplane, on the train or in your hiking shoes - it will do you and your heart good! Who, if not your vacation guru, can tell you why travel is the absolute greatest thing in our beautiful world? A recent survey by the Swiss airline SWISS underpins this statement: 85 percent of Germans there state that they would like to relive a special travel moment, because as the survey showed, travel memories shape our personality - but more on that later.

    Signpost on the beach

    Why travel?

    12 reasons | Travel reminders | Awakened a desire to travel?

    12 reasons why travel is the most beautiful thing in the world:

    1. A feeling of happiness and freedom

    It makes us happy. We get a clear head, leave the work behind, maybe switch off the phone. We put our legs up and have cocktails brought to the hotel pool. Or we love getting completely lost on a bus in Mumbai, drinking a cool beer on the beach and climbing a volcano.

    2. New inspiration

    Why travel is still great? Some love to come home and finally lie relaxed in their own bed again, while others already draw new inspirations for the next trip in the diary on the return flight because they suffer from acute travel fever .
    A couple with scooters is sitting on the beach

    3. Get to know something new

    You can meet people with whom you might never have spoken before. Either together at the hotel buffet or in the hostel kitchen. You exchange ideas, get to know new perspectives and learn, for example, which Easter customs are practiced in Finland.

    4. Discover the beauty of the world

    It is so good to see that there is more than Schnitzel & Co. in the bar next door. First glancing over the city in New York, riding the subway in Tokyo, seeing lions in South Africa, jumping into the sea on a Greek holiday and marveling at the sunset at Ayers Rock in Australia - your heart will jump seven sentences higher if you do that Discovered the beauty of our world. Looks outside the box and if it is “just” a hiking or wellness vacation - there are so many ways to go traveling.
    Four girlfriends in a car

    5. Test limits

    You can test your limits, become a strong personality and gain experiences that you might not have had at home on the couch while Galileo is running. I prefer to speak to individual tourists, but you can also get lost outside of the resort on a club holiday or discover the underwater world at the hotel's diving course.

    6. Clear your head and take a deep breath

    Traveling can also mean a little hiding. The escape from everyday life, from problems or a monotonous life. But that doesn't matter, after all you clear your head, you are much freer overall and can breathe freely. Of course, many difficulties are not solved, but with sand between your toes and the sun on your shoulders, the world looks very different. You also escape all the annoying everyday thoughts like: "Who brings out the garbage?", "Do I still have enough clean socks?" And "Was the milk in my coffee just acidic?". There are completely different things that you have to take care of: be it in the hotel, which leisure program you take part in or which cocktail is the next, or backpacking, thai dream island  you should fly.

    Just escape from everyday life and clear your head!
    Just escape from everyday life and clear your head!

    7. Broaden your horizons

    You finally have something to say! By that I don't mean that you become a person who starts every sentence with "Back when I was in Thailand ...", but you form your personality, have seen things other than the parking lot of your work and the back yard of your parents' house , have you ever spoiled your stomach at a street stall snack bar or discovered a secret bay in the Philippines . You focus on yourself and your horizon, your empathy and your perception.

    8. Spiritual wealth

    You will become filthy rich - not material, but spiritual. Your head is packed with impressions, your diary is full with new names and addresses of exciting people, your hip gold is topped with world-class empanadas from Mexico, your skin glows in the sun and the memory of the camera is filled with pictures and sights that will later become your walls will adorn.

    9. Appreciation

    Another reason why traveling is good is that we are becoming more frugal and sometimes we learn to appreciate things at home. If you don't always have your family by your side, you are all the more happy to be able to hug them again after a long journey.
    Family is walking across a field

    10. Fun factor

    We also do what we enjoy on vacation. Do you like glaciers and landscape? Then you will definitely find yourself in  Greenland or Patagonia . Are you into partying in Spain and strolling in Croatia because long flights are not your thing? Wonderful - let's go! You are an adventurer and India has always been on your list? The Taj Mahal is waiting for you. Do something good for yourself and your soul. Let yourself be fascinated, will not be able to get out of amazement and collect impressions for gray winter days at home. After all, you don't want to regret anything or say "Would I just be ...", right?

    11. Collect memories

    Holidays also make you happy in the long term. You can always reminisce, dream of past sunsets with your partner, hang up photos of your children on the beach at home, plan a new trip or report something exciting from Bolivia at the next job interview .

    12. Goosebumps moments

    In addition, the moment will always catch up with you when goose bumps rise up your back while you think back on your most beautiful travel experience. This feeling alone is enough to understand why travel is the greatest thing in the world.
    Sea, beach and freedom - an incredible feeling!
    Sea, beach and freedom - an incredible feeling!

    Travel - important for everyday life and personality

    Swiss International Air Lines, or SWISS for short , is the airline of Switzerland and has recently carried out survey that confirms how important travel is for us humans - both in everyday life and for our personality. In addition to Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland and the USA, a total of 1,000 people in Germany, aged between 18 and 55, were surveyed. The results are clear: for example, almost 45 percent of Germans stated that they had changed a trip, and 85 percent even wish to relive a special travel moment.

    Travel memories can flash again and again in everyday life and put us back on vacation

    The renowned neuropsychologist Prof. Dr. Lutz Jäncke , who analyzed the survey from a scientific perspective, has a plausible explanation: “ In everyday life, we keep annoying information away from us by automatically mastering a lot and restricting our perception. [...] On vacation, however, we let our attention wander around. We soak up the scent of the pine trees or enjoy the view over a bay in peace. At such moments, supposedly unimportant details become central perception events. You can always flash in everyday life and put us back on vacation. "And exactly these travel memories, which are deeply rooted in the memory and accompanied by positive emotions,"donate motivating and relaxing moments, ” says Prof. Dr. Lutz Jancke. Yes, most of us can certainly agree with a nod. He also emphasizes that our travel memories are often preserved for life.
    In line with this survey, SWISS launched  Moments that last . With the campaign, the Swiss airline wants to inspire people to travel the world with open eyes and thus collect unforgettable vacation memories. Sounds like a great idea, doesn't it?
    Photo: Swiss International Air Lines
    Photo: Swiss International Air Lines

    Has your desire to travel awakened?

    I can't get out of the crush anymore, that's how great it is to discover new or old, well-known or secret, exciting or quiet places. Traveling is something for everyone, it means leaving your own four walls. Thousands of kilometers traveled by plane do not play a major role - the only thing that is important is to do it and not to accept excuses such as time and money. If you want, you can achieve anything. In any case, there are already cheap offers for your unforgettable travel experiences with me - so keep checking back


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